In Microsoft PowerPoint, you can convert text to SmartArt to create visually appealing diagrams and graphics. Here are the steps to convert text to SmartArt:

  1. Open PowerPoint:
    • Open the PowerPoint presentation where you want to convert text to SmartArt.
  2. Select the Text:
    • Go to the slide containing the text you want to convert.
  3. Highlight or Select the Text:
    • Click and drag to highlight the text you want to convert, or use the keyboard to select the text.
  4. Go to the “Insert” Tab:
    • Navigate to the “Insert” tab in the ribbon at the top of the PowerPoint window.
  5. Click on “SmartArt”:
    • In the “Insert” tab, look for the “SmartArt” option. It’s usually found in the Illustrations group.
  6. Choose SmartArt Graphic:
    • Click on “SmartArt” to open the SmartArt Graphic dialog box.
  7. Select a SmartArt Category:
    • In the SmartArt Graphic dialog box, you’ll see various categories on the left (e.g., List, Process, Cycle, Hierarchy). Choose a category that fits the type of graphic you want to create.
  8. Choose a SmartArt Graphic:
    • Within the selected category, choose a specific SmartArt graphic that suits your needs. Click on it to select it.
  9. Click “OK”:
    • After selecting a SmartArt graphic, click the “OK” button. This will insert the SmartArt into your PowerPoint slide with the selected text.
  10. Modify and Customize:
    • Once the SmartArt is inserted, you can modify and customize it. Click on individual shapes to edit the text, use the SmartArt Tools on the ribbon for formatting options, and resize or reposition the SmartArt as needed.
  11. Save Your Presentation:
    • After making the desired changes, make sure to save your PowerPoint presentation.

This process allows you to convert text into a visually appealing SmartArt graphic, making it easier to communicate complex information or create engaging presentations. Keep in mind that the steps might vary slightly depending on the version of Microsoft PowerPoint you are using.

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