If you’re looking to change the font in Microsoft Word, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Select the Text:
    • Highlight the text you want to change or place the cursor at the beginning of the text you want to type in a different font.
  2. Use the Ribbon:
    • Go to the “Home” tab on the Ribbon.
    • In the “Font” group, you’ll see a dropdown menu that displays the current font name. Click on this dropdown to see a list of available fonts.
    • Scroll through the list or start typing the name of the font you want to use.
    • Click on the desired font to apply it.
  3. Review the Applied Formatting:
    • The selected text will now be formatted with the newly chosen font.

Additional Tips:

  • Font Size:
    • You can also adjust the font size in the same “Font” group on the Ribbon. Use the dropdown menu next to the font name to select a different size.
  • Bold, Italic, Underline:
    • In the “Font” group, you can find buttons to apply bold, italic, and underline formatting to the selected text.
  • Color:
    • Change the color of the text by clicking on the “Font Color” button in the “Font” group.
  • Clear Formatting:
    • If you want to remove all formatting from selected text, you can use the “Clear Formatting” button in the “Font” group.
  • Quick Font Selection:
    • If you know the font name you want to use, you can quickly apply it using the keyboard shortcut:
      • Ctrl + D (Windows)
      • Command + D (Mac)

Remember that if you share the document with others, they will need to have the chosen font installed on their system to see the document as intended. These steps should help you easily change the font for selected text in your Microsoft Word document.

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