To obtain a PayPal Debit Card, you need to apply for one through your PayPal account. The PayPal Debit Card is linked to your PayPal balance and can be used for purchases and ATM withdrawals. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get a PayPal Debit Card:

Steps to Obtain a PayPal Debit Card:

  1. Log In to Your PayPal Account:
    • Visit the official PayPal website ( and log in to your PayPal account using your email address and password.
  2. Go to “Wallet”:
    • Once logged in, navigate to the “Wallet” tab. This is where you manage your payment methods and financial instruments.
  3. Select “PayPal Debit Card”:
    • Look for an option related to the PayPal Debit Card. In some cases, it might be labeled as “PayPal Business Debit Mastercard” or a similar name.
  4. Check Eligibility:
    • Before applying, ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the PayPal Debit Card. Eligibility may be based on factors such as your account status and verification.
  5. Start the Application Process:
    • Initiate the application process for the PayPal Debit Card. This may involve providing additional information and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  6. Complete Application Form:
    • Fill out the required information on the application form. You may need to provide personal details, mailing address, and other necessary information.
  7. Verify Identity:
    • PayPal may require you to verify your identity. This could involve providing additional documentation, such as a photo ID or proof of address.
  8. Review Terms and Conditions:
    • Before finalizing the application, carefully review the terms and conditions associated with the PayPal Debit Card.
  9. Submit Application:
    • Once you have completed the necessary steps and provided all required information, submit your application for the PayPal Debit Card.
  10. Wait for Approval:
    • After submitting your application, wait for PayPal to review and approve your request. This process may take some time.
  11. Receive and Activate the Card:
    • If your application is approved, you will receive the PayPal Debit Card by mail. Follow the instructions provided to activate the card.
  12. Set Up PIN (Personal Identification Number):
    • Upon receiving the card, you may need to set up a PIN for security purposes. This is typically done through an activation process.

Additional Tips:

  • Card Type and Eligibility:
    • PayPal offers different types of debit cards, including the PayPal Cash Card and the PayPal Business Debit Mastercard. Check the specific features and eligibility criteria for each card.
  • Upgrade to Business Account (for Business Debit Card):
    • If you are applying for the PayPal Business Debit Mastercard, ensure that you have a business account. You can upgrade your PayPal account to a business account if needed.
  • Check Card Fees:
    • Be aware of any fees associated with the PayPal Debit Card, such as ATM withdrawal fees or monthly service fees. Review the fee schedule provided by PayPal.

Always refer to the latest information on the PayPal website for the most accurate details about obtaining a PayPal Debit Card. If you have specific questions or encounter any issues during the application process, you can contact PayPal customer support for assistance.

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