To start the Excel application, you can follow these steps:

  1. Using the Start Menu (Windows):
    • Click on the “Start” button in the bottom-left corner of your screen.
    • Type “Excel” in the search bar.
    • Click on the Microsoft Excel application in the search results to open it.
  2. Using the Taskbar (Windows):
    • If you have Excel pinned to your taskbar, you can click on the Excel icon directly to open the application.
  3. Using Spotlight (Mac):
    • Press Command + Space to open Spotlight.
    • Type “Excel” and press Enter to open the Microsoft Excel application.
  4. Using Launchpad (Mac):
    • Open Launchpad from the dock (rocket icon).
    • Find and click on the Microsoft Excel icon to launch the application.
  5. Opening a Workbook (Windows or Mac):
    • If you already have an Excel workbook saved on your computer, you can double-click on the file, and it will open Excel along with the selected workbook.

Remember that you need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer to follow these steps. If it’s not installed, you’ll need to install Microsoft Excel before attempting to open the application.

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