To close the current workbook in Microsoft Excel, you can use one of the following methods:

Method 1: Using Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Close Workbook Shortcut:
    • To quickly close the current workbook, you can use the following keyboard shortcut:
      • Press Ctrl + W (Windows) or Command + W (Mac).

Method 2: Using Ribbon Commands

  1. Close Workbook Using Ribbon:
    • Click on the “File” tab in the ribbon to go to the Backstage view.
    • Select “Close” from the options on the left.

Method 3: Using Right-Click on Tab

  1. Right-Click on Workbook Tab:
    • Right-click on the tab of the current workbook at the bottom of the Excel window.
  2. Select Close:
    • From the context menu, choose “Close.”

Method 4: Using Alt + F4 (Windows)

  1. Close Workbook with Alt + F4:
    • If the workbook is the active window, you can use the standard Windows shortcut to close it:
      • Press Alt + F4.

Remember that closing the workbook doesn’t close Excel itself. If you want to close Excel entirely, you might need to close all open workbooks and then exit the Excel application.

Keyboard shortcuts and menu options can vary depending on the version of Microsoft Excel you are using. The provided shortcuts are applicable to Excel 2013 and later versions.

Always refer to the official Microsoft Excel documentation or your software’s help menu for the most up-to-date information, as features and shortcuts may change with software updates.

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