To close Microsoft Excel, you can use one of the following methods:

Method 1: Using Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Close Excel Shortcut:
    • To quickly close Excel, you can use the following keyboard shortcut:
      • Press Alt + F4.

Method 2: Using Ribbon Commands

  1. Close Excel Using Ribbon:
    • Click on the “File” tab in the ribbon to go to the Backstage view.
    • Select “Close Excel” or “Exit Excel” from the options on the left.

Method 3: Using Taskbar (Windows)

  1. Close Excel from Taskbar:
    • If Excel is pinned to your taskbar, you can right-click on the Excel icon on the taskbar.
    • Select “Close window” or “Close all windows,” depending on your version.

Method 4: Using Command Line (Windows)

  1. Close Excel from Command Line:
    • Open the Command Prompt.
    • Type taskkill /f /im excel.exe and press Enter.
    • This command forcefully terminates all instances of Excel.

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