Access keys in Excel (also known as keyboard shortcuts or keyboard accelerators) are used to quickly perform actions without navigating through the Ribbon using the mouse. Here’s how you can activate access keys in Excel:

Method 1: Using the Ribbon

  1. Access Key Display:
    • Press the Alt key. This will display small letters and numbers (access keys) on the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar.
  2. Navigate Using Access Keys:
    • After pressing Alt, you’ll see access keys displayed on various tabs and commands in the Ribbon. Press the corresponding access key to navigate to a specific tab or command.
  3. Execute Command:
    • Once you are on a specific tab or command, you can press the access key for a command (usually highlighted by an underline) to execute that command.

Method 2: Using Quick Access Toolbar

  1. Customize Quick Access Toolbar:
    • You can customize the Quick Access Toolbar by adding commands that you frequently use.
    • Press Alt to display access keys and press the corresponding access key for the Quick Access Toolbar (usually 1 for the first command, 2 for the second, and so on).
  2. Execute Quick Access Command:
    • After displaying access keys, press the corresponding access key for a command on the Quick Access Toolbar to execute that command.

Method 3: Using the Tell Me Box

  1. Open the Tell Me Box:
    • Press Alt + Q to open the Tell Me box.
  2. Type the Command:
    • Type the name of the command you are looking for.
  3. Execute Command:
    • Press Enter to execute the command from the Tell Me box.

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