In Microsoft Excel, you can get help on a selected control or feature using various methods. Here are some common ways to access help:

Method 1: F1 Key

  1. Select the Control:
    • Click on the control or feature for which you need help.
  2. Press F1:
    • Press the F1 key on your keyboard. This is a universal shortcut for accessing help in many applications, including Excel.
  3. Contextual Help:
    • The F1 key will usually open the Help system with information related to the selected control or feature.

Method 2: Tell Me Box

  1. Open the Tell Me Box:
    • Press Alt + Q to open the Tell Me box.
  2. Type the Query:
    • Type a keyword or phrase related to the control or feature you need help with.
  3. Explore Suggestions:
    • The Tell Me box will provide suggestions. Click on a suggestion to get more information and help.

Method 3: Ribbon Help

  1. Activate Access Keys:
    • Press the Alt key to display access keys on the Ribbon.
  2. Navigate to the Control:
    • Use access keys to navigate to the Ribbon tab and control.
  3. Press F1:
    • While the control is selected, press the F1 key to get help specific to that control.

Method 4: Right-Click Menu

  1. Select the Control:
    • Right-click on the control or feature.
  2. Choose “Help” or “What’s This?”:
    • Some controls may have a context menu with a “Help” or “What’s This?” option. Select this option to get more information.

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