In Excel, you can select an entire row of a table using various methods. Here are a few ways to do it:

Method 1: Using the Mouse

  1. Hover Over Row Number:
    • Move your mouse pointer to the row number on the left side of the Excel window. The row number is the gray area on the left, and it displays the row index.
  2. Click on Row Number:
    • Click on the row number of the table you want to select. This will select the entire row.

Method 2: Using the Ribbon

  1. Click on the Row Header:
    • Click on any cell within the row you want to select.
  2. Use the Ribbon:
    • Go to the “Home” tab in the Excel ribbon.
    • In the “Editing” group, you’ll find the “Find & Select” option.
    • Click on “Find & Select” and choose “Entire Row.”

Method 3: Using Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Select Entire Row:
    • Click on any cell within the row you want to select.
    • Press the keyboard shortcut Shift + Space. This selects the entire row.

Method 4: Using Table Features

If your data is organized as a table (created using the “Insert Table” feature), you can use the table features:

  1. Click in the Table:
    • Click anywhere within the table.
  2. Table Tools:
    • The “Table Tools” will appear in the ribbon. Go to the “Design” tab.
  3. Select Entire Row:
    • In the “Design” tab, you’ll find options to select the entire row. Use the “Select” dropdown and choose “Select Row.”

These methods allow you to easily select an entire row in Excel, whether you are working with tables or standard cell ranges.

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