To move to the last cell in a worksheet in Excel, you can use a keyboard shortcut or navigate manually. Here’s how:

Using Keyboard Shortcut:

  1. Press Ctrl + End.

This keyboard shortcut takes you to the last used cell in the worksheet. Keep in mind that Excel considers the “last used cell” to be the one with the furthest data in any direction (right, left, up, or down). If your worksheet contains a lot of data or has been used extensively, this shortcut will navigate to the last cell with content.

Navigating Manually: If you prefer to navigate manually or if the keyboard shortcut doesn’t work as expected:

  1. Click on the column letter at the top of the worksheet to select the entire column.
  2. Press Ctrl + ↓ (Control key + Down Arrow key) to move to the last row with data in that column.
  3. Repeat this process for the row numbers on the left to get to the last column with data.

Remember that the “last cell” is determined by the furthest cell with content in any direction, so use these methods based on your specific needs and content distribution in the worksheet.

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