iTunes and iPhoto have been replaced by newer apps on macOS. iTunes functionalities have been distributed across different apps, and iPhoto has been succeeded by the Photos app. However, you can still access similar functionalities with the newer apps.

For iTunes:

  1. Music:
    • The Music app now handles music playback, library management, and syncing with iOS devices.
  2. Podcasts:
    • Use the Podcasts app for managing and listening to podcasts.
  3. TV:
    • The Apple TV app is where you’ll find your movies and TV shows.
  4. Syncing iOS Devices:
    • Connect your iOS device to your Mac and use the Finder app to manage syncing, backups, and updates.

For iPhoto:

  1. Photos App:
    • The Photos app on macOS serves as the successor to iPhoto.
  2. Importing Photos:
    • Use the Photos app to import, organize, and edit your photos.
  3. Editing Photos:
    • The Photos app includes various editing tools for enhancing your pictures.

If you miss the iTunes interface or want a centralized media management solution, you can explore the following:

Music and TV Apps:

  1. Apple Music:
    • For music streaming and access to your library.
  2. Apple TV+:
    • For movies and TV shows, as well as your purchased content.

Photos App:

  1. iCloud Photos:
    • Consider using iCloud Photos to seamlessly sync your photos across your Apple devices.
  2. Third-Party Apps:
    • Explore third-party photo management apps from the App Store for additional features.


  • System Updates: macOS evolves over time, and new features or changes may be introduced with system updates. Check for the latest macOS updates and explore new functionalities.
  • User Feedback: Apple values user feedback, and features are sometimes refined based on user input. Share your thoughts and suggestions through the Apple Feedback page.

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