PayPal does not have a specific feature labeled as “Send a Gift.” However, you can use your PayPal account to send money to someone as a gift by sending a payment with a personal touch. Here’s a general guide on how to send money as a gift using PayPal:

  1. Log In to Your PayPal Account:
    • Go to the official PayPal website and log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to the “Send & Request” Section:
    • Once logged in, find the “Send & Request” tab. This is where you can initiate a payment.
  3. Select “Send Money to Friends and Family”:
    • Choose the option to send money to friends and family. This option is usually fee-free when funded from your PayPal balance or linked bank account.
  4. Enter Recipient’s Email or Mobile Number:
    • Enter the recipient’s email address or mobile number associated with their PayPal account.
  5. Enter the Gift Amount:
    • Specify the amount you want to send as a gift.
  6. Select Your Payment Method:
    • Choose the payment method you want to use, such as your PayPal balance or linked bank account.
  7. Add a Personal Message (Optional):
    • You may have the option to include a note or personal message with the payment. This is where you can add a special message indicating that it’s a gift.
  8. Review and Confirm:
    • Review the transaction details, including the amount, recipient, and any message you’ve included. Make sure everything is accurate.
  9. Complete the Transaction:
    • Click on the “Send” or “Confirm” button to complete the transaction.
  10. Notify the Recipient (Optional):
    • You may want to inform the recipient that you’ve sent a gift via PayPal, especially if they need to check their email or PayPal account for the funds.

Remember that while sending money to friends and family is often fee-free, there may be fees involved if you choose to fund the payment using a credit or debit card. Additionally, PayPal’s features and interface may change over time, so it’s a good idea to refer to the latest information on the PayPal website or contact PayPal customer support for any specific guidance related to sending money as a gift.

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