1. Open Excel:
    • Launch Microsoft Excel and open the workbook where you want to find and replace data.
  2. Navigate to the “Home” Tab:
    • Click on the “Home” tab in the Excel ribbon. This is where you’ll find the editing options.
  3. Open the “Find and Replace” Dialog Box:
    • There are a few ways to open the “Find and Replace” dialog box:
    • a. Using the Keyboard Shortcuts:
      • Press “Ctrl + H” on your keyboard. This keyboard shortcut will open the “Find and Replace” dialog box directly.
      b. Using the Ribbon:
      • Look for the “Editing” group in the “Home” tab of the ribbon.
      • Within the “Editing” group, you’ll find the “Find & Select” dropdown.
      • Click on the dropdown, and select “Replace…” from the options.
  4. Use the “Find and Replace” Dialog Box:
    • In the “Find and Replace” dialog box, you can enter the text you want to find and, if needed, the replacement text.
    • You can also choose various options, such as match case, match entire cell contents, and more.
    • Click on the “Find Next” button to find the first occurrence. If you want to replace the current occurrence, click “Replace.” If you want to find the next occurrence, click “Find Next” again.
    • Continue using the “Find Next” and “Replace” buttons to replace specific occurrences one by one.
    • If you want to replace all occurrences at once, you can use the “Replace All” button.
  5. Close the Dialog Box:
    • Close the “Find and Replace” dialog box when you have completed the find and replace operations.

Remember, there isn’t a specific “Replace Selected” dialog box in Excel, but you can replace occurrences one by one using the “Replace” option in the “Find and Replace” dialog box.

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