To get “Palworld” running on a Steam Deck, you would follow the same process as you would for any other game on Steam. Here’s how:

  1. Purchase and download the game: If “Palworld” is available on Steam, purchase and download it to your Steam account. You can do this either through the Steam website on a computer or directly on the Steam Deck itself.
  2. Install Steam: If you haven’t already done so, make sure you have the Steam client installed on your Steam Deck. Since the Steam Deck runs on SteamOS, Steam should already be pre-installed.
  3. Sign in to your Steam account: Open the Steam client and sign in to your Steam account. If you’re already signed in, skip this step.
  4. Navigate to your library: Once signed in, navigate to your library within the Steam client to find “Palworld.” You can search for it using the search bar or browse through your list of owned games.
  5. Install and play: Click on “Palworld” in your library and then click the “Install” button to download and install the game onto your Steam Deck. Once installed, you can launch the game and start playing.

If “Palworld” is not available on Steam or if there are compatibility issues with running it on the Steam Deck, you may need to wait for updates or patches from the game developer or consider alternative methods of playing the game on your device.

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