To use the Assisted Playlist feature on Spotify, follow these steps :

  1. Create a New Playlist:
    • Open the Spotify app on your mobile device and create a new playlist. As you input the playlist name, the app will use machine learning to analyze the words you enter and provide song recommendations based on the name.
  2. Add Songs to the Playlist:
    • As you add songs to the playlist, the app will dynamically change the recommendations in real time, offering more tailored suggestions based on the songs you’ve already added.
  3. Utilize Smart Shuffle (Enhance):
    • Consider using the Smart Shuffle feature to enhance your playlists further. By tapping the shuffle button twice and activating Smart Shuffle, similar songs will be seamlessly incorporated throughout your playlist.
  4. Download Podcasts, Albums, and Playlists:
    • If you have Spotify Premium, you can download podcasts, albums, or playlists (not individual songs) and listen to them offline.
  5. Collaborative Playlists:
    • Engage in collaborative playlist creation with your friends and loved ones. You can invite others to contribute to your playlist, share your latest music discoveries, and enjoy the power of music and podcasts together.

By following these steps, you can make use of the Assisted Playlist feature on Spotify, create dynamic playlists, and enjoy a more personalized listening experience based on your music preferences and input.

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