Changing the default web browser varies across devices and operating systems. Here’s a brief guide for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android:


  1. Windows 10:
    • Go to “Settings.”
    • Select “Apps.”
    • Under “Default apps,” find the “Web browser” option and choose your preferred browser.


  1. macOS:
    • Click the Apple logo in the top-left corner.
    • Go to “System Preferences” > “General.”
    • Next to “Default web browser,” choose your preferred browser.


  1. iOS:
    • Open “Settings.”
    • Scroll down and tap on the browser app you want to set as default.
    • Look for the “Default Browser App” option and select your preferred browser.


  1. Android 11 and newer:
    • Open “Settings.”
    • Go to “Apps & notifications” > “Default apps.”
    • Under “Browser,” select your preferred browser.
  2. Android 10 and older:
    • Open “Settings.”
    • Select “Apps” or “Application Manager.”
    • Find your current browser under “All apps.”
    • Open the app, go to “Set as default,” and choose your preferred browser.

Remember that the exact steps may vary slightly based on your device’s manufacturer and the version of the operating system it’s running. Always refer to the specific instructions for your device for the most accurate information.

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