If you want to hide old photos of an ex on your Android device, there are several ways to do it. Here are some methods you can consider:

1. Move to a Private Folder:

  • Create a new folder in your gallery or file manager app.
  • Move the photos of your ex to this private folder.
  • Some file managers allow you to hide folders or set a password for access, adding an extra layer of privacy.

2. Use a Hidden or Vault App:

  • Download a hidden photo or vault app from the Google Play Store.
  • Transfer the photos to the vault app, which typically provides a secure and password-protected space for your sensitive photos.

3. Archive Photos:

  • Some gallery apps allow you to archive photos, removing them from the main view.
  • Check if your default gallery app supports archiving or consider using a third-party gallery app with this feature.

4. Cloud Storage with Privacy Settings:

  • Upload the photos to a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Set the privacy settings to private or share with yourself, ensuring the photos are not easily accessible.

5. Delete and Restore from Bin:

  • Delete the photos from your gallery.
  • Some Android devices have a trash or recycle bin feature in the gallery app where deleted photos are stored temporarily. You can recover them if needed.

6. Customize Album Visibility:

  • Some gallery apps allow you to create albums and customize their visibility settings.
  • Create a private album and move the photos into it, adjusting the visibility settings accordingly.

7. Secure Your Phone:

  • Implement security measures on your phone, such as a PIN, password, or biometric authentication. This adds an extra layer of protection in case someone else tries to access your photos.


  • Back Up Your Photos:
    • Before making any changes, consider backing up your photos to ensure you don’t accidentally lose them.
  • Check App-Specific Features:
    • Some gallery apps or file managers have specific features for hiding or securing photos. Explore the settings of your chosen app to see if such features are available.

Remember that privacy is essential, and you should choose a method that aligns with your comfort level and provides the level of security you desire.

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