In Google Sheets, if you want to get rid of gridlines from certain cells, you can achieve this by adjusting the cell borders for those specific cells. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Select the Cells:
    • Click and drag to select the cells from which you want to remove the gridlines.
  2. Open the Format menu:
    • Either right-click on the selected cells and choose “Format” from the context menu, or go to the top menu and click on “Format.”
  3. Go to “Borders”:
    • In the Format menu, hover over “Borders.”
  4. Choose “None”:
    • Select “None” to remove cell borders for the selected cells. This action will effectively get rid of gridlines for the chosen range.

If you only want to remove gridlines for a specific side (e.g., top, bottom, left, right), you can choose the corresponding border option (e.g., “Top border,” “Bottom border”) and select “None.”

These steps allow you to customize the appearance of gridlines for specific cells or ranges in Google Sheets by adjusting the cell borders.

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